Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, after I met up with everyone at the pool Tuesday night, we stayed down there for awhile, then grabbed Bill and headed back to LuLu’s for dinner. Yep, twice in one day! I think it’s official – it’s my new favorite restaurant!

Dinner at LuLu's

Dinner at Lulu’s!

Yesterday we decided we needed one last day on the beach, so we grabbed a quick breakfast at Burger King, and then hit the sand. Lots of swimming, snorkeling, and throwing the football around. After a few hours, we did the first thing that I can honestly say I hated. And the sad part is, it was my idea. 🙁 We went out on a 1-hour catamaran ride. Everyone else loved it, and I would have too if I wasn’t terrified of Anna and Emma being swept into the water the entire time! They gave us two choices, sit in back on a seat where you don’t get wet (not much anyway), or sit down on the webbing in front where you get. Of course getting wet sounded much more fun, so wet it was! It was great for the first 15 minutes while we motored away from the coast. Unfortunately, once the motor was turned off and we were really sailing “out to sea”, the waves were huge! All 8 of us were constantly getting slammed in the face by HUGE waves while the boat slammed up and down. It was way too dangerous to stand up and climb into the back of the boat (by the intelligent people), so we just hung on for dear life. I wasn’t too worried about the big kids because they were lying flat and seemed pretty safe, but Scott and I needed to hold on to the little ones and I was sure they were going to be ripped out of our arms at any moment! As a matter of fact, we passed another catamaran that was rescuing someone who had either fallen or been swept off of it’s deck! (good news-they were O.K.) Anyway, many prayers went up during that hour, and we did safely return. The big kids thought it was a blast, Scott hasn’t said too much, and Anna and Emma and I are finished with sailboats.

Catamaran Death Boat

All 8 of us on the “Death Boat” – note the clever thigh-hiding placement of the blue bag. Pretty slick, huh? 🙂

We’d had about enough at that point, and decided we all needed a little Coldstone ice cream. Much better idea than sailing! That was pretty much it for the day, other than a great dinner by the Aloha Tower. (More goat cheese!)

I have to say, this morning was the most unusual Thanksgiving morning I’ve ever had. At 9:20 am, I popped my head up and asked Rianne, who was in the next bed, “Did you feel that?” She said “no”, and I told her that my bed was just shaking. I didn’t think much of it, and went into the adjoining room where everyone else was already watching football. All of a sudden a news alert came on that said a 5.0 earthquake had just hit the north end of the Big Island! Fortunately, there was no damage and no tsunami warning, and I was relieved to know I wasn’t losing my mind! There was an emergency alert issued for the next hour that we think was in case of aftershocks. Thankfully, there were none!

We shook it off, (no pun intended!), and went to – you guessed it – LuLu’s for breakfast! After eating way too much food, cheap t-shirts were calling us, so we walked back to the International Marketplace to get some last good deals. And once again, everyone else is at the pool and I’m off to meet them!

Till next time,