Anna & Emma

Weddings, college, driver’s ed., and the Little Mermaid

So much to think about, and so much to be thankful for these days! When I stop to “ponder” my life at the moment, I just have to smile at the unbelievable course it has taken. How did I ever find myself in the position of sending one son off to college 800 miles from home, planning a wedding for another son, finding a college for one daughter, teaching another daughter how to drive, and sharing the excitement of Little Mermaid 3 with two other daughters – all at the same time! God has been so good to me. Even the sadness of sending off two sons has somehow been filled with peace. Sure can’t explain that one apart from God! And to top that off, I got the compliment of a lifetime last night when a very sweet friend asked me what I did to keep my family so close! She said whenever she sees a Hardin, there’s always another Hardin not too far behind. If I’ve accomplished that, I am a happy mama!

Be Blessed!