Liberty photos

Well, we ended up scrapping the Buffalo Wild Wings plans last night, and went to this really cool place called the Depot Grille, in the downtown historical district. Very neat place in, go figure, an old train depot. As per typical Hardin vacation, we spent plenty of time today sleeping and eating. We slept right through breakfast, and then met Bill at Doc’s Diner for lunch. (named after Dr. Jerry Falwell). After that, we just kind of hung out picking up a few more things for Bill’s dorm, grabbing some snacks, and taking some pictures. I just posted a bunch of pictures below from around the campus. (and one from yesterday at the golf course.) Don’t forget to click on the pictures to make them biggerl. Bill’s eating with the guys from his building again, then meeting us for dinner #2, and then playing some pick-up hockey at the LaHaye center. Thank you Tim Lahaye for your amazing generosity!
Enjoy the pictures!

Liberty 1
Liberty 2

Liberty 3
Liberty 4

Liberty 5
Liberty 6

Liberty 7
Liberty 8

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