Let The Blogging Begin!

Well, I’m trying to take the view that insomnia is a beautiful thing because I can actually have some time alone and finish a thought! The past several days have been spent getting my “blog” set up just how I want it. So, here I am at 4:30 in the morning, unable to sleep, and it seems the right time for my very first blog! Hmm… I thought I had so much to say. Perhaps not only sleep has left me! So how ’bout that weather. Just kidding.

Today was actually a very humbling day. Rianne’s end of the year volleyball party was this afternoon, and I, athletically challenged as I am, played in the parent/kid game. (All for you sweetie – and Mrs. Pfenning too!) Oh my goodness am I bad. OK, enough said about that. So if that wasn’t humbling enough, I decided to do a “quick” run to the store to buy a pair of jeans. Ha. Is there such a thing? Remember when zippers used to be about 5 inches long instead of 2? What is that all about? My quick shopping trip turned into a fairly frantic call home to Scott. “Please feed kids. On a mission to find jeans. No way I’ll make it home for dinner.” Fortunately after a quick change in venues, I did prevail and now have a few more items to add to the rotation. Well, that’s about all the excitement in this day. Maybe I’ll try that sleep thing one more time!

Till next time,