Nebraska Day 2

We have a great hotel here in Nebraska – tons of room for our family. Kudos to the mom who did all the planning! The four big kids ate the free breakfast in the lobby, while I got to sleep in! Unfortunately, since I missed breakfast, I ate a couple of candy bars and a Diet Coke for breakfast and felt a little punk for a couple of hours. Go figure. Not to worry though. A quick trip to Sonic for another Chili Cheese Wrap, and all was well!

Today was the first game of the soccer tournament. The guys played an awesome game, but did end up losing. That’s OK, they played a great game, and still have two games left in the tournament. The weather wasn’t too unbearable either – lower 40’s ish.

We did manage to make it to the free dinner at the hotel. Tonight was Asia night, which is always a plus! Right now, Anna and Emma have been spinning on a desk chair for about a half hour, Bill, Katie and Rianne went to the mall, and Alex and half the team are in our hotel room playing a World War II game; “Memoir 44”. Another day of great soccer memories to be thankful for!

Till next time,