Well, it’s a sad day, but an exciting day. We headed out the door to Virginia to bring Bill out to Liberty University for his junior year of college. I’m so sad to see him go, but I’m so excited for this time of his life! Today we actually drove […]

Off to Liberty!

I guess I’ve been blog tagged! I’m not really sure what that means, but I guess I’m supposed to post 5 things most people don’t know about me. So, here goes! 1. My favorite book EVER is “Falling In Love With Jesus”, by Dee Brestin and Kathy Troccoli. 2. My […]

5 Things You Were Dying to Know About Me (or ...

Christmas Tree
After spending the entire first half of yesterday at the dentist (6 kids getting their teeth cleaned is quite the lengthy ordeal!), I set off on a much awaited Christmas shopping adventure – shopping with my husband! After 20 years of marriage, we have NEVER gone Christmas shopping together. Scott […]

Thank You Scott!

It’s been a week since we left Hawaii, and I’m ready to go back! It is nice to be home though, and I’ve come back with a very grateful heart. Not only for the trip, but for the family time and for the time to refocus on a lot of […]

Hot to Cold, Earthquakes to Blizzards!

Marriott Pool
Well, I caught up with everyone at the pool yesterday afternoon and had a great time watching Scott and the kids compete for “Biggest Cannonball Splash”. Got some pretty good video! The competition was tough, but Scott came through with the victory! His comments on the win; “I’ve clearly established […]

So Sad To Leave

Well, after I met up with everyone at the pool Tuesday night, we stayed down there for awhile, then grabbed Bill and headed back to LuLu’s for dinner. Yep, twice in one day! I think it’s official – it’s my new favorite restaurant! Dinner at Lulu’s! Yesterday we decided we […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Surf Competition
Oh dear, it’s been a few days – I hope I can remember everything we’ve done the past couple days! When I left off on Sunday, we were eating Alex’s pancakes and just chillin’ We kept the day at that same pace, and hung out by the pool for a […]

Time’s Going By Too Quickly!

Waipio Bay
Any day that someone else makes breakfast is a good day! Yesterday Alex made pancakes with coconut syrup for everyone for breakfast, so we knew we were off to a great start! We shoved off at about 9:00 am to circle the island. Our first stop was at Waipio Bay […]

Circling the Big Island

Alex Crater
Yesterday started WAY too early! We needed to get up at 2:00am to catch a 5:15 flight over to the big island. It was well worth it though! Since it was too early to check into our new hotel, we made the two hour drive over to the other side […]

Volcanoes and Black Sand Beaches!