Nebraska Day 3 (and 4!)

Well, Day 3 was actually yesterday, but I never made it to my computer to post an update, so today is a 2 for 1 day! Yesterday started out a little iffy because we were having car trouble. But, God was good, and we were able to get the car in to a repair shop early and have the brakes fixed without missing a thing! The boys, on the other hand, had a rough morning. They got three yellow cards in their first game of the day, and wound up losing 4-1. Three of those goals were scored on penalty kicks. Interesting, since the team had not gotten one yellow card the entire season. Kind of makes you say hmmm… Anyway, appetites were certainly not suppressed by the defeat, and we headed over to Culvers for lunch with the team. Yummy! Then, back to the field for their last game of the tournament. The guys played an awesome game, and this time ended up with a victory! Everyone on the team got a chance to play, and although the tournament did not go quite as everyone hoped, the fun and camaraderie of an out-of-state tournament made it all worthwhile. Now that I have no one left in men’s soccer, I will miss the other families so much!

The best part of the day was dinner with the other families back at the hotel. Everyone brought their own food and we just hung around all night eating and chatting. (Godfather’s Pizza was our family’s dinner of choice!) Charlie, our team’s world-record-holding-lasso-champion-soccer dad taught all the little kids how to spin a rope (I’m sure there’s a much more technical name for that!). Anna and Emma think they are “real live cowgirls” now. The big kids played a few rounds of “Mafia”, and the parents just hung-out together. A perfect night!

Since the team did not play in the championship game today, we were able to head home much earlier than we expected. Of course we had to make one last stop at Sonic before we hit the highway! My order: one Chili cheese Wrap for the road, and an extra one to bring home! Life is good!

Till next time,