Alex & Venera's Wedding
Boy, I have so many things spinning around in my head right now, I’m not sure where to start! Alex married Venera on Saturday, and I am just so happy and so excited for them! Yep, I’m so sad that Alex no longer lives here (wow, that was hard to […]

Alex & Venera’s Wedding

Vacation 2007
“OK, this a little goofy. It’s almost 2009, and I’m writing about our 2007 summer vacation. Here’s the deal. Last summer we took an awesome 2 week vacation just driving all over the souteast part of the country. I intended to blog to keep our family updated while we were […]

Vacation 2007

You know how every once in a while you hear something that you KNOW was meant just for you at that moment? Well, this is one of those things: Litany of Humility O Jesus! meek and humble of heart, Hear me.From the desire of being esteemed,Deliver me, Jesus.From the desire […]

Litany of Humility

Wow, I just read a verse in Jeremiah that made so much sense! Every time I give up on God, and tell him I quit, I’m finished, etc., I can only stay in that place a short time before He brings me back to Him. No matter how hard I […]


Christmas Tree
After spending the entire first half of yesterday at the dentist (6 kids getting their teeth cleaned is quite the lengthy ordeal!), I set off on a much awaited Christmas shopping adventure – shopping with my husband! After 20 years of marriage, we have NEVER gone Christmas shopping together. Scott […]

Thank You Scott!

Have you ever had one of those “A-Ha” moments, that sort of snaps you back to reality? This morning was one of those times. I should have known, when I was tempted to skip church just because I was tired. The alarm went off, I mumbled something to Scott, to […]

A Defining Moment

Alex's Soccer Tournament
Well, Day 3 was actually yesterday, but I never made it to my computer to post an update, so today is a 2 for 1 day! Yesterday started out a little iffy because we were having car trouble. But, God was good, and we were able to get the car […]

Nebraska Day 3 (and 4!)