Alex & Venera's Wedding
Boy, I have so many things spinning around in my head right now, I’m not sure where to start! Alex married Venera on Saturday, and I am just so happy and so excited for them! Yep, I’m so sad that Alex no longer lives here (wow, that was hard to […]

Alex & Venera’s Wedding

Vacation 2007
“OK, this a little goofy. It’s almost 2009, and I’m writing about our 2007 summer vacation. Here’s the deal. Last summer we took an awesome 2 week vacation just driving all over the souteast part of the country. I intended to blog to keep our family updated while we were […]

Vacation 2007

You know how every once in a while you hear something that you KNOW was meant just for you at that moment? Well, this is one of those things: Litany of Humility O Jesus! meek and humble of heart, Hear me.From the desire of being esteemed,Deliver me, Jesus.From the desire […]

Litany of Humility

Anna & Emma
So much to think about, and so much to be thankful for these days! When I stop to “ponder” my life at the moment, I just have to smile at the unbelievable course it has taken. How did I ever find myself in the position of sending one son off […]

Weddings, college, driver’s ed., and the Little Mermaid

Wow, I just read a verse in Jeremiah that made so much sense! Every time I give up on God, and tell him I quit, I’m finished, etc., I can only stay in that place a short time before He brings me back to Him. No matter how hard I […]


Bill at Liberty
Well, I’m gonna be honest – this really stinks. We left Bill in Virginia on Saturday morning, and there is definitely something missing at home now. Thank goodness for email, video messaging, cell phones, etc. I know we’ll be fine, but I don’t like it. On the upside, the rest […]

Too sad to say much

Liberty 8
Well, we ended up scrapping the Buffalo Wild Wings plans last night, and went to this really cool place called the Depot Grille, in the downtown historical district. Very neat place in, go figure, an old train depot. As per typical Hardin vacation, we spent plenty of time today sleeping […]

Liberty photos

Liberty 9
Yesterday everything was official – Bill got his Liberty ID, and got checked into his dorm. We met his roommate (Gary), and several other guys from his building while we dropped all his stuff off in his room. They all seem really nice and Bill had a great time with […]

Dorm Life

Tuesday night we arrived in Lynchburg just in time for a beautiful sunset! Bill will be with us at the hotel tonight, but tomorrow he’ll get checked into his dorm and will be staying there the rest of the time we are here. Well, actually until May. Oh dear that […]

Liberty U.